In 2000, I started climbing with my dad in climbing gym Brumlovka. Then came the Prague BoulderBar and I became the pure boulder climber for a few years. I got together with guys from AIX, and we were going out for bouldering, discovering new areas… Climbing was more fun than drill for me, so my maximum was 7B for a long time. In 2009, my son Adam was born, and with him came also the new wave of motivation. Suddenly, I felt like everything is over, there was no time for excuses. I tried to use maximum of the time for training. It was a lot of persuasion, but it paid off. I´m glad that AIX kept me in the team and support me. In 2013, my son Šimon was born. The situation is more complicated now again, but I believe that it will come out well.

At the moment, the only woman climber in AIX team. She is our longtime friend having fun with climbing and that´s the main. Zuza is mother and active climber. She climbed routes up to 10-, boulders up to 7C+.