Climbing holds and volumes

In our portfolio you will find climbing holds and volumes from our own AIX brand and we exclusively distribute also more than 13 brands in the Czech Republic and Slovenia. Among them are world-renowned manufacturers like Freestone, Xcult, Ocún, Flathold, ArtLine, Flame, eXpression, Holdz, Cheeta, Morpho, Kingdom Climbing and Moon Climbing. You can find a complete offer at We also work closely with ten other brands, including non-European countries, which we can supply under favorable conditions (Kitka, Bleaustone, Axis,  Lapis, Captain Crux, Squadra, HRT, Fiction, 300, Watannah, Kilter, Soill, Agrip, Revolution, Pusher …).

Services of climbing holds  – route setting

We offer service of climbing holds, including washing with a special cleaner (Benky grip wash concentrate). We also provide climbing service including the possibility of  route setting. We cooperate with the best setters in the Czech Republic.

Facilities for climbing walls and bouldering centers

We provide climbing hardware for climbing walls such as stainless chains and other climbing accessories suitable for additional sales: climbing brushes, chalk, tapes, climbing guides GEBRO Verlag, deodorant antimicrobacterial spray  suitable for rental of climbing walls. You can find a complete offer at We also offer training  accessories: training boards, campus board, peg board, system board, MoonBoard.

Safe landing for climbing and bouldering walls

The safety landing zones should be an integral part of each bouldering walls and should be in line with the latest DIN EN 12572-2: 2017. These safety landing are offered in thicknesses of 20-30 cm in different tracks and versions.

  • Carpet with a soft base all over the area.
  • Washable PVC with a soft base over the entire surface.
  • Combination of carpet under the wall and PVC on the surface – suitable for large areas of large bouldering centers.
  • We also offer impact testing.

Design of artificial climbing walls and consultation

We will design and visualize the climbing wall for your space. We supply walls mainly with TR wall, Walltech, Makak, Walltopia.

We represent in CZ and SK these brands

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