Easy, Jugs, Material PE, Spume Range

Data Sheet

Six positive holds in the range Spume. Fastened with capheaded or countersunk bolts M10 (dual system). Holds are suitable for beginner climbers and climbing in large overhangs.

Bolts are not included.

  • Attractive design
  • Easily recognizable on the climbing wall
  • Weight [g]: 6553
  • Max. surface slope: 60°
  • Grip: big jug
  • Number of holds: 6 pcs/set
  • Montage: 6pcs capheaded bolts – 21x M10 x 40 mm, 4x M10 x 60 mm, 1 x M10 x 70 mm + 6pcs screws 4xM 5.0 x 35 mm, 2xM 5.0 x 50 mm. Tightening torque acting on the bolt fastening is recommended for maximum 40Nm.
  • Size: 5xL, 1xXL
  • Material: Polyester mixture
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