Crimps, Hard, Material PU, Moderate, NEWS 2016, RinX Range

Data Sheet

Ten crimpy screw-on holds in RinX design from polyurethane. They are for fixing on flat plywood.

Screws are not included in set.

  • Design rings on surface.
  • Steel washers inside
  • Properties of polyurethane holds are more softness and flexibility. Due to these properties of polyurethane materials should not be used wire brush during cleaning due to surface smoothing holds!
  • Weight [g]: 668
  • Max. surface slope: 30°
  • Grip: small crimp
  • Number of holds: 10 pcs/set No.: #1188, #1189, #1190, #1191, #1192, #1193, #1194, #1195, #1196, #1197,
  • Montage: 20pcs of screws 5.0 x 35 mm. Tightening torque acting on the screw fastening is recommended for maximum 10Nm.
  • Size: 8x XS, 2x S
  • Material: Polyurethan
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