New holds in sets Mini 3, Mini 4, Crux 10, Micro C a Hifive 5

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For 2016 we prepared several new sets including three sets of footholds.

Mini 3 PU – thirty flat footholds designed for hard climbing. They are small with a rounded flat shape and it is problematic to stand on them, which was the purpose. The footholds are made of polyurethane (PU) and they should be attached to the wall by self-tapping screws. It is precisely because of the PU material that the footholds should not be cracking when being attached on the wall and thanks to iron washers the screws should not penetrate through the footholds.

We introduced these footholds at the Outdoor 2016 Fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany for the first time and they were firstly used for climbing at the Czech Climbing Cup in Pardubice. Mini 3 will be preferably used in vertical profiles at the bouldering walls or in the difficult rope routes where it is important either to have strong arms or to use your feet very precisely.

Mini 4 PU – thirty crimps that can be used as pretty good footholds or bad holds. Production of these holds was initiated by Andrej and by climbing at the Prague climbing wall “Bigwall”, where Andrej missed sharp crimps in the vertical and slightly overhanging endings of the routes. This defined the Mini set – sharp crimps big enough just for the very tip of the fingers, attached to the wall by self-tapping screws.

Mini 4 are the ideal solution for vertical endings where every usual hold is too big while you need to give to climbers a hard time by using crimps. These holds, of course, serve perfectly also as footholds.

Micro C PU are footholds attached to the wall by the usual M 10 screw. Again, they are footholds for hard climbing. Their shape is rounded and flat and as holds, they can be used only on structures, behind the arêtes or on slabs. These footholds are again made of polyurethane so that we could prevent their cracking and following complaints.

Every route can be supplemented by the Micro C set and these footholds will find their use on every climbing wall.

Crux 10 PU represents a set of 20 edges, which is possible to attach both by the usual M10 screw and the self-tapping screws. Each of these 20 holds has three assembling holes for screws (one for the M10 screw and two for the self-tapping screws); the distance of the three holes is the same on all the 20 holds. When setting a route, the setter can decide to change an already fastened hold for a similar but bigger or smaller one. If the hold is fastened by the screws, the setter can put the new hold on the same spot using the same holes.

Crux 10 are edges for the overhangs that surprise by their positivity. Most effectively, they are used in long moves in routes that require good stamina or in boulder routes in overhangs.

HiFive 5 is a set of five holds in Slate design, inspired by climbing in Red River Gorge. These are “edges with holes”, intended to big overhangs; the holds are good only when your body is under them. It is almost possible to call them “jugs”, big positive holds. A skillful setter can use them to make a tricky and surprising route.

These five holds represent in particular the set of holds made in Slate design and you have another possibility how to set an interesting route using this design. Holds with similar design will be surely produced later.