I have been climbing since the 1986. Back than it was mostly about curiosity and meeting new people.  I can’t say that the climbing mean the same thing to me as it means now when it became an integral part of my life. I would say that a climbing beginner can do pretty good with sole good physical condition. But if one gets caught, goes to harder routes and gets his mind straight he soon realizes, that there’s much more to be done. Which means training and getting the physical power. Every single one of us faces different climbing challenges and goals. Strong will and enthusiasm is essential. I’ve been climbing long enough to know that winter training is a must. I can’t afford unmethodical bursts of training risking tendon injury. If I want to minimalize the danger of getting injured when training on artificial walls I need to use brains. I would also gladly accept more experienced climbers hints and recommendations. I like to climb on AIX holds because of huge variety of their shapes. I also like how they fit to the hand no matter if they’re the big or the small ones. Climbing is my life and never-ending challenge in which I found the peace of my life, but that is something that is to be discovered by oneself otherwise there is no way to understand what I’m blabbering about :)


Jeník has fullhearted relationship with aix as external collaborator.