Climbing gives me super feeling and motivation not to remain on the same level but to improve all the time. It means a part of life for me. To go far, a climber needs either talent or immense will. Of course, the best one has as talent as will. Everything can be trained to a certain extent but if you are not talented, it is going to be hard. Climbing is getting more and more popular; therefore it is not easy to go far. Material and financial support of course eases a lot of things and can really help.

For me, climbing is something that cannot be described in a few words. I feel certain desire hidden in each route. Sometimes I long for the joy after the successful try, sometimes for all the pain in my fingers, legs and in my whole body. Climbing is for me realization of what I can attain quickly and for what I am able to fight. Moreover, each climbing move is for me a little step back towards nature, from which (I think) I am getting more and more distant. I know that everybody needs such feelings. That is why I climb and I wish I never stopped climbing. AIX=climbing. I do not get into country most of the days. Without AIX, I would suffer from shortage of climbing!

Honza comes from the town of Polička and his efficiency and favour to AIX got him into our team. He is a strong personality as of the Czech as of the world bouldering.

Honza died suddenly on January 17, 2021.