My first memory of climbing belongs to the rock Stránská skála, where I climbed for the first time in my slippers. I have started climb regulary since my seven years. Then come first successes and failures in climbing, but the climbing has started to be not only hobby, but also lifestyle for me. I am happy to be part of the climbing family. I have always enjoy nice time with friends while climbing and I also enjoy some small stress while compete. I am not able to tell, what I enjoy more.

In order to move forward on climbing world cup, ideally to set myself between first fifteen competitors and on the rocks to climb 8c grade, I really appreciate support from AIX, because I can train on great AIX climbing holds. And when I can train on such high-quality climbing holds, then it will go by its own!

The youngerst AIX team member. Iva is a big warrior and the climbing is for her life. She belongs to the czech representation and her results speaks for everything. Iva has done routes in difficulty 8b+.

Competition results:

2x 1. – Overall rating of the Czech Cup of Adults – difficulty
5x 1. – Czech Youth Cup – difficulty
1x 1. – Czech Championship – difficulty
1x 1. – Slovak Championship – difficulty
5.  – European Youth Cup – difficulty
20. – World Cup Kranj
23. – World Cup Kranj, Gijon 2014

Climbing  achivements:

8b+ Gorilas en la Niebla, Oliana
8b/b+ (Le Mur des Six Clopes, St.Léger) na 4.pokus a 7c+ (Mirage, Céüse) OS