Lehké, Madla, Materiál PE, Střední

Data Sheet

One big ring jug. Hold is highly variable, you can also change hands in it. Suitable for endurance routes.

Fastened with capheaded or countersunk bolts M10 (dual system) a one screw.

Bolts are not included.

  • Realy good one.
  • Highly variable
  • Weight [g]: 4750
  • Max. surface slope: 90°
  • Grip: big jug
  • Number of holds: 1 pcs No.: #792
  • Montage: 1pcs capheaded bolt – 1 x M10 x 60 mm + 1 pcs screw M 5.0 x 40 mm.Tightening torque acting on the bolt fastening is recommended for maximum 40Nm.
  • Size: 1x XTR
  • Material: Polyester mixture
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