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Data Sheet

One big ring hold. Crater 3 is most positive from three craters. You can use this hold also in overhangs.

Fastened with capheaded or countersunk bolts M10 (dual system) or with three screews.

Bolts are not included.

  • Possibility of mounting screws only.
  • Diameter 40cm
  • Attractive design.
  • Easily recognizable on the climbing wall.
  • Great for bouldering.
  • Low weight – polyuretan.


  • Weight [g]: 1800
  • Max. surface slope: 30°
  • Grip: small crimp
  • Number of holds: 1 pcs No.: #796
  • Montage: 1pcs capheaded bolts – 1 x M10 x 60 mm + 2 pcs screws M 5.0 x 40 mm, 1pcs screw M5.0 x 50. Tightening torque acting on the bolt fastening is recommended for maximum 40Nm.
  • Size: 1x XTR
  • Material: Polyurethan
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