Meet the AIX Team

We are a team of passionate climbers and bouldering enthusiasts.

  • Andrej Chrastina
    Andrej ChrastinaCompany Director

    Andrey is the founder and owner of AIX. He likes participating in the process of creating new holds. He is a father and an active climber.

  • Jiří Přibil
    Jiří PřibilAIX Team Member

    Jirous has been working in AIX for many years. At present, the majority of new shapes of the AIX holds comes from him.
    “Climbing fulfills me, it´s nature, friends, work, it´s my life.“

  • Jan Hlaváček
    Jan HlaváčekAIX Team Member

    Lahvi has been working in AIX for many years. He focuses mainly on the customer services and communication and he also administrates IT of AIX.

    • Iva Vejmolová
      Iva VejmolováAIX Team Member

      The youngest climber in the AIX Team. Iva Vejmolová is a great warrior while climbing and the climbing means life for her. She has done routes in difficulty 8b+ and she belongs to representation in the Czech Republic.

      • Eliška Vlčková
        Eliška VlčkováAIX TEAM MEMBER

        Eliška Vlčková, or her nickname is Bětka, is a young, quiet and modest lady, but with the touch of rock she turns into a warrior. She climbs as well on the rocks as on the competition.

        • Zuzana Ulrichová
          Zuzana UlrichováAIX Team Member

          She is a long-time friend who enjoys climbing and that’s the main thing.
          Zuza is a mother and an active climber.

        • Jan Chvála
          Jan ChválaAIX Team Member

          Honza’s efficiency and his favour to AIX got him into our team. He is a strong personality as in the Czech as in the world bouldering.

        • Zdeněk Hlaváček
          Zdeněk HlaváčekAIX Team Member

          Zdeněk arranges making of structures and he also takes part in building the walls. Furthermore, he can work wonders when handling with wood. He is a great laid-back guy.

          • Kuba Hlaváček
            Kuba HlaváčekAIX Team Member

            Kubajz was brief:
            “Climbing. Enjoyment. Relaxation. Nature. Competitions. Adrenalin. Strength. Reason.”

            • Jeník Pleticha
              Jeník PletichaAIX Team Member

              “When I recall the beginnings, at first I felt curiosity and I met new people. Today, I take pleasure of life and peace in climbing.”