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This July again, we took part at the European Outdoor Trade Fair (OutDoor 2015) in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
It is not cheap to rent the exhibition site and to build the stand but this investment is essential if you want to win a reputation. This year we did not prepare any catalogue because for quite a lot of new models their forms must be still created so that they could be produced; therefore, the catalogue would be out of date in a few weeks. We always build the exhibition stall and do the products arranging ourselves and we are definitely getting better in it, even though it is still in a slight “punk” style and presentation of our products is not at such a professional level as at the big companies. Nonetheless, our climbing holds reach the highest quality, which was confirmed by a good many fair visitors who are our regular customers. This feedback is very important for us because we hear not only pleasant praise of our products but we also learn about imperfections or shortcomings, which often come to light only after the product has been used for a long time.
Eliminating of these imperfections is one of our priorities and it is also fundamental for keeping regular customers, whom we were losing in the past. For example, some of these problems were that climbing holds were fading when washed or they were too fragile, which was solved already several years ago. The colors are, however, an issue for all the climbing holds producers. Fading of fluorescent colors is standard and customers are informed about negative influence of the UV radiation on such colors.

About 35 climbing holds producers displayed their products at the OutDoor 2015, which represented considerable competition, even though quite a few companies did not exhibit at all. We had our stall in the prestigious “climbing” hall B2 together with Petzl, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Arcteryx and a lot of others. Our stall included also the Skinourishment products known as Climb On and Crossfixe hands.

Preparation to the exhibition was going on a little bit in a hurry but we prepared about 100 new holds and two structures that we will gradually add to our web pages and to the Holdsmarket. We had positive responses on our new holds and we also received several orders on the spot. Furthermore, we sold the holds and structures we exhibited and did not need to bring them back home. Now we look forward when someone in Prague order them and we will have the pleasure to climb on them. Only then it will be the real hands-on experience.

We also finished cooperation of distribution of the foreign holds in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the OutDoor and we strengthen our position in foreign markets. Also the climbing holds of the other brands will appear on Holdsmarket, so “stay tuned” and watch the news on Holdsmarket or Facebook.

Thank you all who visited us at our stall! We hope you will meet us in full splendor again next year.

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