Climbing Holds, Volumes & Walls

We are a team of passionate climbers and bouldering enthusiasts.
We use our experiences to design and produce climbing holds and walls for you.
We have tons of ideas waiting for accomplishment to make our products better and we work hard to make you climb harder.

Making holds since 1996

It all began in 1996. One of the best known climbers in Czech and Slovak republic Andrej Chrastina started his experiments with making climbing holds. At the beginning the company was called a.9 and Andrej was making holds from epoxy.

Technology Development

Andrej’s company was one of the first in Czech Republic who has started to make the holds from polyester, which is much better than epoxy for making new original shapes. In 2003 the trademark has been changed to AIX.

Next Steps

Our company became the general supplier of holds for several world cups. We are also a frequent partner of the Czech bouldering cup. Our main purposes is to improve the quality of holds and walls and to make progresses in hold shapes for pro climbers as well as for beginners.